December 31, 2015
Got up this morning and saw what a beautiful day it was.  Being the end of the year and all, I had to go out to enjoy this weather, Winter and all.  But this is South Florida, and it's nearly 84 degrees!  So, off to the beach we go.
My wife and I headed out to Hobe Sound Beach.  Having never been there, I was pleasantly surprised that parking was free, even for non-county residents!  The beach is small, but we found a spot fairly quickly.
But this post is not about that.  It's about what we found on our way back home via AIA.  I didn't even know we were so close to Blowing Rocks Preserve, but as I passed it, I immediately made a u-turn and went back.  And I'm glad I did.  Once again, I knew this was going to be another black and white project.  I kinda like how it turned out. 
Next time, I'll come back when I know it'll be a stiff east wind.  That way, I can capture Why this beach is called Blowing Rocks!
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